Yes, You CAN Homeschool!


I may get some backlash for this one!

Just know, I know every family situation is unique.

I am talking in general terms.

Know this before you read any further, I love homeschooling, am passionate about it, yet this was NOT always the case!

One of the comments I receive the most when meeting people who find out I homeschool is,

“I could never do that, I don’t have enough patience.”

Or simply, “I could never do that!”

They begin to list out the different reasons why they couldn’t, and the number one excuse I hear the most is, ” I’m not that patient!” “You must have the patience of a saint!”

Ha! If they only knew!

Those first few days of schooling my own children were anything but fun filled precious moments!

I had to grow a lot!

I had to let go of my selfishness a lot!

It took FOUR years for me to grow in this new role enough to “like” it and be more patient in it!

I like a tight schedule and things all nice and neat!

While you can homeschool like this, it can make a person very stressed when dealing constantly with others who are not like this!

If they could’ve seen those days when I was not at my best homeschooling mommy self, they would say, “You are not a good homeschool parent! You are NOT a saint!”

Thankfully, I serve a God that believes in changing you one step at a time!

He doesn’t just leave you hanging there by yourself!

Neither does He leave you the way He found you!

He begins to slowly chisel away at all those insecurities that Satan has lied to you about!

While most days we fumbled through school the best we could, I knew something had to change!

Anyone who is familiar with change knows it has to happen with you first!

You can only change you!

I gave my insecurities, impatience, army drill sergeant attitude over to God!

I gave Him my strong HATE for homeschooling.

You see, I hated it because I felt inadequate!

Remember those lies Satan whispers?

I gave it all!

God in turn showed me I had chosen a very boring and rigid way to homeschool my kids!

One that wasn’t working for any of us!

They were bored!

I was bored, which made me feel like I had no value!

Workbooks were teaching my kids, not me.

While this may work for some people, it was not cutting it for us!

I began to search for curriculums that were taught by me, where we worked together, cried together, and laughed together!

I found a passion for teaching that God had placed in me!

While we still have days where we are not too patient with each other, after all who wouldn’t living with other people 24/7?

WE love it! I love it!

I can truly say that most days, when I’m not sleep deprived, I love love love teaching my kids!

Now, back to that part where I said you can do this!

If you allow God to change you one step at a time you can do this!

After all, if you are a Believer, you are probably familiar with the verse, “I can do all things through Christ!” (Philippians 4:13)


If you truly believe this then you know He will equip you!

You will have good and bad days!

Don’t you have those now too?

Maybe you are saying you can’t afford it!

Do you know how much is free out there in homeschool internet land?

Also, there are hundreds of used homeschool curriculum buy,sell groups on Facebook.

I know we couldn’t afford it when we started but we knew God wanted us to do it right then.

We took a step of faith and right after we had purchased the curriculum God provided a check in the mail of the exact amount we needed down to the penny!

Are you debating whether or not you could do this alone?

There are homeschool groups EVERYWHERE!

Lots of support is out there now!

Lastly, maybe you just want to do your own thing while your kids are at school!

I get it, there were days I would longingly watch the school bus pick up the other kids on our street!

Now, I had to learn that God had blessed me with these children and it was my responsibility to ensure they knew about God, knew how He loved them and finally, it is my job to guard their hearts till they go into the world!

Once I realized these things, I fell into a rhythm of homeschool where it feels odd if they aren’t here with us!

When one kid goes to a camp the whole family misses them!

We are such a close knit unit now!

So even though one graduates this coming year, she will always have a strong family tie.

One I hope, will bring them back for visits when we are old! Haha!

Most importantly, one where she knows, loves and follows God wherever He may lead her!

I hope if you are on the fence you are now encouraged to take a leap of faith!

If you would like prayer in any area of homeschool feel free to email me and I will pray for you whatever the reason!

Love and Blessings,


Counting Down the Days….

Recently I took our oldest daughter to a Women of Joy conference.

We had a very sweet mother and daughter weekend.

However, while it was so sweet it was also filled with that sick, nervous feeling in the pit of my stomach.

Questions rolling around in my head were:

When did she get so tall?

How is she so mature already?

What’s with this makeup?

How am I already the mom of a 17 year old?

Can time please pause?

Have I thoroughly prepared her to face this world?

Did I teach her everything she needs to know?

I took a picture of her walking on the beach:


I added the quote, “Don’t count the days, make the days count.” (author unknown)

I’ve kept it on my phone as a way to remind me to not worry about how many days we have left or how fast it’s all going but to ensure the time we are together is sweet, meaningful and cherished!

Please know, we still get on each other’s nerves!

I still worry! A LOT!

But I’m leaning more into Christ and the truth that she was never mine to begin with!

When God blessed our lives with her, from that moment on she was His!

Who am I to stand in His way? Or struggle with letting her go??

Trust me, I still will when the time comes but I will do my best to remember these truths!

Here’s a couple more pics I took!

I stink at selfies!

Love and Blessings,