Interview With a Soldier

Tomorrow, being the Fourth of July, I thought it would be fun to interview a soldier.

Aka. My husband! Lol!

I didn’t have to go to far since he has a 4 day weekend.

When did you join the military?

“April, 2006”

Why did you join the military?

“There are a few reasons, the primary one being 9/11.

Even though it was 5 years after the event, it took me awhile due to my family size and age.

I ended up being 33 when I joined. (So Old!!Haha!)

I had to determine if it was me just feeling patriotism for my country or if it was truly God calling me!

In the end, I knew it was God calling.  At the age of 33 I had not yet served my country

and now men and women were dying doing that which I had not.”

Who is your favorite hero?

“I have men that have played a significant role in my life, “heroes” at various times.

Ed Coxon spent countless hours late into the night to share and show the love of Christ

with me as a young man.

Mike Avery was a solid role model and example of godliness and Christian strength while

I was in Bible College.

Troy Keaton demonstrated ministry done right early in my ministry.

Gary Moore displayed a great balance of officer and minister job of a chaplain.

I think at this stage in my life I am searching for my next “hero”.”

This one caused me (Kendra) to think, who might be watching you because you may be

their next hero? Anyways, we continue…..

What is your favorite thing about serving?

“Its difficult to narrow it down to one.  I love being a part of something bigger than

myself, I love doing that which few others are able or willing to do, I love the

brotherhood and bond that exists between those who serve together, I love the

challenges that result from serving (physical, intellectual, emotional…), but I guess my

favorite thing about serving is that in my job I get the honor of serving and caring for

those who serve.”

Where are some places you’ve lived because of the military?

“Fort Stewart/Hinesville, GA

Schofield Barracks/Kapolei, HI

Fort Bragg/Souther Pines, NC

and Al Asad/Ramadi, Iraq.”

Where would you like to live?

“That is a hard question.

This is another great aspect of serving, the opportunities for you and your family to see

the world are incredible.

Germany, Italy, Hungary are just a few overseas options.

Colorado, Washington (state), Washington DC, and of course Hawaii are some great

places within the U.S.

Anyone of these would be amazing, but today, if given the choice, I would go back to


Until then, I’m content right where I am at Fort Bragg, NC.”

Describe your best day on the job.

“My best day on the job begins with a great workout.

One that is difficult, yet leaves me feeling a sense of satisfaction with my performance.

Followed by a day of great camaraderie with the people I work with.

The capstone would be the opportunity to encourage and help a Soldier grow in some

aspect of there personal life, but particularly in their walk with God.”

Well, I hope you enjoyed this snippet of a view into a soldiers mind.



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