What I Eat In A Day

IMG_2631I know! I know!

I’m just a beginner vegan for health reasons, why am I posting what I eat in a normal day?

Well, it’s simple, to encourage myself to keep it up by making myself accountable to

whomever reads this blog!

Also, to chronicle my journey as I go through it.

Lastly, to encourage anyone else who may need to make some health changes that are difficult.

Please, please, please be kind!

I have only just begun and I know everything I’m consuming may not be the ideal vegan

choice or even THE healthiest!

However, if you had seen how I was eating you would be so impressed!

Not that it was horrible but I did love my potato chips and would sometimes eat them for

lunch! Haha!

Okay, let’s get started!

IMG_2624For breakfast, I usually have homemade granola (Ya, I’m making more today) with

unsweetened raisins and I am loving the vanilla flavored almond and coconut milk!

It is so yummy combined!

I love that it has no sugar too!

Make sure to read the labels on the dried fruit as most have added sugars.

Raisins were the only thing I could find at Walmart that wasn’t sweetened.

Frankly, dried fruit is already sweet so it’s silly that they add it in there!

For lunch I love to combine a quinoa and garbanzo bean salad with greens and


If I have gluten free organic tortilla chips I sprinkle those on for a crunch.

If not, I use slivered almonds!

So delicious!

Or if not guacamole, I put an avocado ranch dressing on there! YUMMY!

Here’s the recipe.

Snacks, usually at 3 something I start to fade!

I will get a rice cake and munch on that or if I am craving something sweet I will eat this

gluten free oatmeal cookie Kasedria and I make!

We are still fine tuning the recipe so stay tuned for that.

You will love them though!

Lastly, for supper I am trying different recipes to see what we like.

We love pizza movie night so we made a gluten free pizza dough with our homemade

pizza sauce.

We used Daiya brand shredded cheese (website lets you put in your zip code so you can

find where to buy it locally) and while the pizza was different there were only

3 pieces left and there were only 4 of us eating it since the boys were at camp.

However, I feel there needs to be a better flavor in the pizza dough so when I fine

tune that I will post it too!

IMG_2512.JPGSometimes, when a sweet craving hits we will make a frosty that is healthy.

Click for recipe!

If it’s just you there is enough to make popsicles and freeze them.

Either way I’ve had them, they are yummy!

Now, how do I feel?

Bloated and gassy!

I know TMI!

Remember, I just want to be honest here! Haha!

I did some research yesterday and I guess when you switch over to a plant based diet

you are consuming way more fiber then you were before.

So it’s completely natural to feel this way and even sick!

I stayed home from church Sunday with a belly ache because of it.

It made me feel good that it’s normal and that my body will adjust in just a short period

of time.

Everyone else in the house seems to be fine.

The hubby has gas too but no bloating.

We are getting there, one day at a time.

I look forward to being in better health and beginning a workout routine once I’m ready.

Hope this encourages you to do that healthy thing you’ve been debating over!

Share with me your journey or if you have been here, how you got through it!



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