Menu Planning Made Easy

IMG_2691Something I have done, no matter where we have lived or what our diets were

at the time, is menu planning.

When Tom and I were first married I didn’t do this and I felt so confused as to what to

buy at the grocery store.

I would inevitably end up going more than once a week.

Ugh! Not my favorite chore!

So, I hit on an idea, this was before internet was your answer to every problem,

that if I made a menu and a grocery list I could shop knowing exactly what I

would need!

Now, you may have heard of menu planning and may have even purchased one

of those monthly menu plans.

Again, these weren’t out at the time I did this.

I’m here to tell you you don’t need to buy a weekly or monthly menu plan!

If you have 45 minutes to 1 hour every other week, you can do this!

Just set aside a time and do it!

You can do it!


So, here is how I go about it step by step:

  1. Get a hold of your favorite recipes and maybe a couple new ones you want to try over the next couple weeks. Pinterest (print them out! Makes them easier to find when it’s time to cook! Also I use magnet clips to put my menu on the fridge and have all the printed recipes behind it, ready to go!)
  2. Pick 6-7 dinner recipes out. (6 would be if you want to have one night a week for eating out.)
  3. Write them down on your menu plan.
  4. Transfer the ingredients you need to purchase onto your grocery list. I usually double everything because whatever is for dinner on Monday we will have on the next Monday night. So your really planning for 2 weeks but writing out 1! I have never had an issue with this or complaints. Because they are a week apart it is not a problem.

Breakfast at our house are the same thing every morning except Saturdays. That’s when Dad makes something special like pancakes or waffles.

Lunches are pretty basic or leftovers. If you go to work or your kids go to school you just need to repeat the process above for lunch too.

Snacks are what I call a “Smorgasbord Tray”. I usually fill it with odds and ends. Some examples would be:

Nuts, dried fruit, fresh fruit, snap peas, hummus, healthy chips, cheese, etc.


Just choosing finger foods that are both fun to eat and fuel till dinnertime comes around.

If we are still hungry later in the evening popcorn is our go-to family favorite or grabbing a pickle out of the fridge.


Now, you may be thinking I thought you were eating a plant based diet? Well, we do! I have picked out meals that are visually appealing and would be what they normally eat but just without the gluten, dairy or sugar.

Some examples, are:

Mac n’ cheese, Lasagna, Spaghetti, Pizza, etc.

These take me just a little bit longer as I’m learning a new way of cooking but, once I have it down, they will be a breeze!

The kids haven’t minded and have been fully supportive (except Jeffrey!)!

I hope this helps you!

If there’s anything I haven’t covered just ask and I’ll address it!



P.S. Our FAVORITE meal is Curry!

The menu print out came from here.

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