Hair Tonic


This recipe came out of desperation!

I have a couple kids with itchy, white flakiness on their scalps. (If you know what I


Now there are a couple ways you can use this one.

  1. Put on your head and then place a shower cap and leave for 30 minutes to an hour. Simply rinse out or brush through your hair when done. I personally think it smells amazing so I say, Leave It In!
  2. Place a dropper full in your hand and rub through your hair every morning or night. Make it part of your hair care routine! You will always smell so amazing!

Now, y’all are going to ask me where I got those bottles! Well, right off Amazon! You can

find them right here!

Also, if you don’t have oils yet, well why not? They are AMAZING!!! Get you some right

here! Seriously! You won’t regret it!

Ok, here is the recipe:

Hair Tonic

Lavender 15 drops

Rosemary 15 drops

Wintergreen 15 drops

Cedar wood 15 drops

Tea tree 5 drops

Avocado oil to fill the bottle.

Just drop the oils in the bottle and fill the rest up with avocado oil. Shake bottle before

each use.

Enjoy! You are going to have great, non-flaky hair in no time!

Remember, flaky, dry hair is usually a sign you might not be eating so good! I’m not

gonna preach at you but, try changing your diet and drinking more water. I want you to

feel your best all over! Not just on your head!




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